Sunday, November 3, 2013

Operation Nursery: Sailboats and Sea Creatures and Fish--Oh My!

It all started with a little whale. And then came our discovery of the FLOR store, followed by Jeff's beautiful wavy walls. Which means this weekend was time for J--our astonishingly talented and amazingly awesome former student--to work her magic.

First and foremost, it was just fantastic to have J in Virginia with us! We spent Friday night catching up, eating fajitas and pumpkin pie (don't judge--I'm a pregnant lady!), and looking at various images as we started to think about the nursery. Saturday morning, after a big breakfast, Jeff headed to the theatre for a couple hours, I began proofreading comments, and J went to work sketching--and what she actually drew was far more incredible than anything we could have dreamed.

Sketches complete!!
After making me "approve" all the sketches (Seriously?! Did she think I wouldn't?!), J dove into the paint--and first up were the octopus and crab. Thank goodness for J's artist's eye--she convinced me the red was right, and she was definitely spot-on!

After Jeff and J enjoyed a quick picnic lunch on the nursery floor, we were ready to start adding more colors. Next, J mixed up a grey-green to start on the whale and the turtles, but we ended up making some executive color decisions part way through!

Loving our little turtles that will watch over Button as we change her!
Our whale started off green...
But it was too drab, so he changed to blue!

By Sunday, as I cooked for the week down in the kitchen, even Jeff started to get in on the action (as long as he could follow J's excellent directions and techniques)!

I was already completely in love at this point!
Even Guillie approved
As the light started to dim, Jeff ordered me to take a quick nap after a long day. When I woke up a few hours later, well, it might as well have been Christmas morning, because this is what awaited me.

The nursery we have imagined for nearly 2 years is finally a reality. And the little girl kicking in my belly seems to approve! J, your heart is too big for this world--you have given us a gift that we can never repay (not even with the mountains of leftover Halloween candy we stuffed in your backpack!). Our little girl is so, so blessed you are part of our lives.


  1. It's beautiful! What an awesome nursery...

  2. WOW!!!! There are no words! It is so so gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  3. Christina, Megan, Kate, and Jenn--thank you so much for your compliments! J is reading all of them and texted me today to say how much she appreciates everything you've said about her work. We are so in awe of her murals that we've spent most of our brief time at home today just standing in the nursery, grinning from ear to ear!

  4. I know I'm late to the party, but it's beautiful! J is so talented and has given such an amazing gift.

  5. I love it! What a talent J is!! It's beautiful. :)